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Re: FreeMED 0.7.1 released with Next Generation Billing Engine "REMITT"

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004, Adam Bogacki wrote:

I downloaded the debs for FreeMED and REMITT, installed via 'dpkg -i *',
but found a dependency problem. What is the correct line to put into
</etc/apt/sources.list> so that dependencies can be handled 'the debian way'
Well, the source of your problem is that you have to deal with external
Debian packages which are not under control of Debian GNU/Linux.  My goal
would be to fix this by integrating all necessary stuff in the way I
described in my last mail.  I have not tested it (neither have time to
do it soon), but I guess the FreeMed people provide all necessary packages
on their host (from where you downloaded the packages) and you just have
to include this host into your sources.list appropriately.  If you are
not able to find a good description how to do this I guess the FreeMed
people would be happy about getting a hint about this problem.

Perhaps you might add a hint that they try to enhance their efforts to
include their packages into Debian (to avoid trouble like yours) in
the most natural way.  Just answering my mails whether they like the
patches I have sended would be a first step.

Kind regards


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