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Live CDs for mirco biology


I found on the one hand


and on the other


which both seem to have more or less the same goal.  What do you
think about joining forces and creating a common live CD.  Moreover
it would be a good idea to simply install the package med-bio
with all suggested packages which wil complete your live CD with
all packages available in Debian which might be relevant for
microbiology.  To simplify your future work I would also like
to invite you to try to get all your applicatoins you added to
the official Debian packages included into the official Debian
distribution.  This would help you to get rid of always doing the
same job to install the software manually onto your CD.

Perhaps there are two sites which are interesting for your work and
which try to coordinate efforts like yours:

   1. Debian-Med
      tries to bundle all medical and micro biological applications
      inside Debian and cares for adding further free software
      which is interesting in this field

   2. Custom Debian Distributions
      Care for subsets of Debian for special purposese (Debian-Med
      is one of them) and also tries to deal with live CD creation.
      The plan is to reduce your work to just create a list of
      applications to include to gain the same result as you do -
      but a lot of work has to be done to reach this goal.  An
      interesting link would be perhaps:


      (The Vigyaan-CD is just mentioned here - BioKnoppix was just
      new to me until today but will be added soon.)

I'm hoping for a good cooperation


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