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The BIOSIG project - Announcement

BIOSIG is a toolbox for the use with Octave and Matlab and licensed under the
terms of GPL. BIOSIG covers various aspects of biomedical signal
processing included the following categories.

BIOSIG/DOC/* Documentation

BIOSIG/T100/* [Data Acquistion]

BIOSIG/T200/* Data Formats
BIOSIG/T250/* Quality Control and Artifact Processing

BIOSIG/T300/* Signal Processing and Feature extraction

BIOSIG/T400/* Classification, Single Trial Analysis, Statistics,
BIOSIG/T490/* Evaluation criteria

BIOSIG/T500/* Presentation, Output
BIOSIG/T550/* Topographic Mapping, 3-dimensional display

BIOSIG/T600/* Interactive Viewer and Scoring

TSA/*	Time Series Analysis
NaN/*	Statistics of data with missing values encoded as NaN's

The support for approx. 30 dataformats is implemented.
More information is available at

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