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Re: ANNOUNCE: Medical Words v0.1

On 8 Jul 2003, Elizabeth Barham wrote:

>    This release is simply a listing of words so, yes, its main use is
> spell checking.
>    There is another part, however, that has not been released and I'm
> currently a bit squeamish about releasing it and I need to do various
> preliminaries prior to doing so. This part consists of word parts,
> most of which are Latin, and their definitions. It contains things
> like:
> hepat,o,liver

I notice you've carefully quoted from 'hep-' onwards, so I'm assuming you're
aware of the '-haem*' / '-hem*' problems for British English users.

(Google for 'polycythaemia', then 'polycythemia' to get an idea of what I

Are you giving both?
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