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Knoppix-med: intro

 Hi All,

Having just passed fifth year at med school [horray!], i've spending some of my short break trying to remaster a knoppix CD to include gnumed and other applications from debian-med. The actually process of remastering is quite straight forward (i've got some scripts to make things easier - available on request), the trouble seems to be in getting the medical software to install and work fine [i'll discuss problems in subsequent emails]

In this email i just wanted to include some general points of discussion:

   * Packages: what to include and what to remove from the CD

         o currently i'm installing Andreas' gnumed debs (should i use
           the CVS?) and everything that shows up with a 'apt-cache
           search med-'. I'll also include the deb-med faq. i'm sure
           i'm missing other important software like OIO, i must
           confess i havent used much of the software myself so I'm not
           sure what would make good additions to a demo cd, any

         o Secondly, I need to trim about 100-200MBs of the current
           knoppix CD to make room for the medical software. I'm
           planning to remove games, and other small things like nmap,
           aalib etc, does anyone see any thing big and obvious that
           can be removed from the knoppix cd -

         o Also i've noticed a mini CD on the knoppix ftp site. I cant
           work out what its function is , It has a german readme
           that translates poorly with bablefish. i wonder if it will
           suit as a better base to build on? (anyone tried it?).

   * Graphics/ desktop icons: i'm thinking ahead here but, it would be
     a nice touch if the knoppix graphics was modified to include
     'debian-med logo' etc.. and if we had icons for the software on
     the desktop. Any artistically inclined ppl on this list willing to

Eager to hear any suggestions,

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