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Gnumed-Snapshot packages


I uploaded some GnuMed stuff to


Please regard it as more or less backup of my local harddisk and do not
expect working packages.  There are definitve issues to resolve with
these very packages.

I plan to bring these stuff into shape and put it under the name
gnumed-snapshot to the Debian archive.  The purpose is to provide
some help for GnuMed developers for the ease of installation and
demonstration.  GnuMed is currently not in the state to be used
as practice management system but it could be nice if people could
have a look.

I repeat:  The packages at the URL above do *not* work.  I have some
issues to sort out with Karten Hilbert before they are really usable
for the purpose I mentioned above.  This mail is just to let you know
that something happens here ...

Kind regards


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