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Re: Bug#155071: ITP: loki -- [Biology] MCMC multipoint linkage and segregation analysis of multiple QTL

(Sorry for my previous posting. something was broken here.)

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Carlos Enriqe Carleos Artime wrote:

> >           http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/microbio
> Ups, I'm not a Debian developer (yet...), so I would need first a
> sponsor for the package.
No problem.  Just try to find somebody for all your packages
on debian-mentor or debian-devel.  If you can't find some sponsor
I would volunteer do sponsor at least the packages which are interesting
for Debian-Med (sorry I'm to overloaded with Debian-Med to care for
more than this).

> The package includes at present a routine with a non-profit license,
> that makes it non-free (med-bio-contrib?). Upstream author (Simon
> Heath) told me that he has already replaced that routine by one of his
> own. So the next release of the program, coming soon, will be
> completely free according to the DFSG.
Just talk with your sponsor and upstream whether it might make sense
to wait for the free version or of you intend the non-free -> main move
later on.  Just tell me once it is reade to include it into the
apropriate med-bio* package.

Thanks for supporting Debian


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