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Re: Drug lists

which perspective are you looking at this from ?
I have had several cloaks: One as a drug regulatory person who used the in-house list to make a derivative for the adverse drug reaction system. One as a member of a European formulary group for general practice; one working as an MD in a medical department (nephrology) and from the perspective of a laboratory physician in clinical biochemistry.
It also depends on the amount of money you are willing to
spend. Try it if it's not such a big problem. I'd be delighted
if you come up with something useful for reasonably little
Depends on your country. If you like, I could give you one of my old lists. Only trouble is that the comprehensive list with packages and strengths needs monthly updating. It will have thousands of items. With parallel imports the trouble becomes even worse.


>Except that I'd probably get into legal trouble for this.

I don't think so. I have never met anything but goodwill and cooperation from wholesalers. You can also ask the national drug regulatory agency, or you could ask the industry association. I see this as marketing, and I am sure they will too.

But then I return to the question: How would you use the list?
But the needs: For a prescriber it is necessary with tablet strengths, 
package sizes, and maybe prices. If there is generic prescribing,
generic names might be sufficient. Anyway: the really important question
is that no single prescriber ever needs the entire list of drugs
available in a country.
While it may be correct that no single prescriber ever
utilizes the entire drug list it is an error to assume that
they don't _need_ it. After all I must choose my range from
somewhere. And I need drug information on any random drug
people walk in with.
Yes. But I would rather put in my favourite drugs manually for my personal list rather than having to weed a bloated list monthly - or worse: every time I prescribe a drug.
An incomplete list also needs continuous updates albeit at a
lower level of frequency.
Much lower. Only when there is something useful or you have to prescribe a continuation of a regimen instituted by a colleague or a hospital.
and choose. If the prescriber prefers a selection of brand names, these 
should be identifyable by some sort of tagging, and this tagging should
be preserved after an update of the entire list.
I am not sure I understand this suggestion. I would be very
indebted if you could enlighten me.
If you have the entire bloated list (as I prefer to call it so far), you could put an asterix or something in the name field or a in a dedicated asterix field for drugs on the physician's personal short list. On updating there should be a routine that saves the asterixes so that this personal list is preserved within the complete list. Otherwise maintaining the list would be more work spent than the prescribing module would save.

Gaut Gadeholt MD

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