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Re: About urlview?

Hi Chime,

On 05.12.23 17:13, Chime Hart wrote:
Hi All: Maybe I should ask this in Debian Accessibility, but I notice in Debian SID, last 2 days or so since urlview got updated, its layout when finding matches are different.

urlview got a new maintainer/upstream (in CC:) and development picked up pace again. Probably something broke ... Anyway, this mailing list is more about the older versions of Debian and not the bleeding edge.


Original report left for nabijaczleweli@nabijaczleweli.xyz:
I am useing it with L Y N X  but now its landing on a blank line instead of a match from a search. Something else I've noticed for alot longer, when hitting a slash to search, I must hit a backspace, otherwise there is a capitol P. I wish I could mention an exact version number but there seems no command for that. Urlview has been quite useful for myself for probably more than 10 years, sure beats manually looking in source-code and having to cut-and-paste. If you would rather, I could write a name listed in a man-page? Thanks so much in advance

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