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Debian LTS and ELTS -- August 2023


This was my second month, the first with assigned hours, working on LTS
and ELTS.  Thank you to Freexian and Freexian's sponsors for making
these projects possible: <https://www.freexian.com/lts/debian/#sponsors>


- burp
  - Prepared and released DLA 3516-1 for CVE-2017-16516, CVE-2022-24795
    & CVE-2023-33460.

- flask
  - Prepared and released DLA 3536-1 for CVE-2023-30861.

- flask-security
  - Prepared and released DLA 3545-1 for CVE-2021-23385.

- Attending monthly meeting.


- tiff

  - Briefly started bringing myself up-to-date on the CVE situation,
    near the end of August.  It's not clear yet how many actual fixes
    will be required, as at least one CVE is fixed by a patch that's
    already applied.

Sean Whitton

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