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(E)LTS and Debian report for March 2023


I am funded by Freexian SARL and thus reporting about my work in
March 2023.


I issued a regression update for my previous security update of sox for
all suites. Thanks to the security team for coordination and doing the
stable part.

I issued a security update for joblib to all suites older than bookworm.

Debian funding

With help from Emilio Pozuelo Monfort I authored a DEP draft for
improving the support for directory aliasing in dpkg. You can find it at

I uploaded a final borgbackup2 updating to beta5 with a few other fixes.


As usual, I continued maintaining rebootstrap. At this time, this is
mainly communication, reviewing patches and checking builds. loong64 was
the biggest cause for changes. In March, I sent patches for 22 cross
build failures in unstable. I identified a serious problem #1033167 in
usrmerge and proposed a patch. I proposed a patch #1033291 for
autopkgtest to enable using autopkgtest-virt-qemu on images created by


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