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Re: seabios buggy in Buster


On 30/03/2023 11:36, Chris Frey wrote:
I recently tried getting the latest FreeDOS running in qemu.  I had a rough
time getting it going, with the drives being rather unreliable,
both C: and the cdrom.  Even general reboot behaviour was not consistent.

I tracked it down to seabios, from this post:


I built the Bullseye seabios package (1.14.0) on Buster, and the problems
went away.

Is this something worthwhile to upgrade on LTS?

Probably not. This seems to address an uncommon use case (FreeDOS), but this affects a critical component (qemu).

The point of a frozen release is that we don't upgrade a package unless there's a serious reason to do so, and extensive non-regression testing before doing so :)

If you need the latest FreeDOS with a recent seabios, maybe consider upgrading to bullseye?

Sylvain Beucler
Debian LTS Team

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