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Roll existing backports into ELTS update for distro-info-data?

I'm an uploader for distro-info-data (a data only package like tzdata,
mostly useful to distro developers, but also potentially sysadmin
tools). We try to get updates out to all supported releases, but I
haven't been updating it in (E)LTS, before I joined Freexian & LTS.

I just did a round of updates now, including LTS, because I can,

I see it in ELTS customer's package lists, but we have never issued an
update in ELTS. I can do updates for jessie and stretch ELTS, easily
enough (and fairly quickly), but quickly hit a policy question:

Back in those days, we used to publish distro-info-data updates via
backports, not stable updates. So there were backports published to both
stretch-backports and jessie-backports. Backports don't support LTS,
never mind ELTS.

So should I start (and version) ELTS updates based on the release suite
or the backport suite? I have to use the latter to ensure that users who
installed the backport get the update.

Where do we usually stand on existing backports, when issuing updates?

Another option is to just ignore the whole thing, because chances are
that if nobody has complained yet about old data, maybe they never will :)


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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