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Re: Please push to salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3

On 26/09/2022 05:39, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
Hello Emilio!

I see you uploaded:

I don't see the commits at
https://salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3/-/commits/buster -
please push there to avoid getting the versions out of sync and causing
unnecessary extra work for future maintenance of the package
Sure! I am pushing the update package to the repository, but I'm having some trouble. Do you know what's going on?

remote: GitLab: You are not allowed to push code to protected branches on this project.
To salsa.debian.org:mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3.git
 ! [remote rejected]     buster -> buster (pre-receive hook declined)
 ! [remote rejected]     upstream -> upstream (pre-receive hook declined)
! [remote rejected] upstream/10.3.36 -> upstream/10.3.36 (pre-receive hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to 'salsa.debian.org:mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3.git'

I have 'developer' role on salsa for mariadb, looks like I need maintainer role to be able to push to protected branches. Can you grant me that role?

btw, while importing my changes, I have noticed that I have a bunch of extra files in my debian/ dir. Which are neither in git, nor in the 10.3.34 buster update. Which is weird, because I based my update on upstream + 10.3.34-0+deb10u1. After some investigation, I found that the upstream tarball includes a debian/ dir with those extra files, and the gbp import filter removes them (but I didn't use gbp but uscan directly). Most of them are harmless, because they are for packages that we don't ship (e.g. debian/libmariadb3.postinst) but there is one in particular, debian/mariadb-server-10.3.triggers, which may be causing [1]. I'm investigating, will comment on that MR and if necessary do a deb10u2 upload without those files.

PS. I am also happy to maintain the package in oldstable, but occasionally
my uploads don't get accepted/reviewed and I end up wasting time.

That'd be very welcome! Feel free to Cc me directly when you (are planning to) prepare an update.


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3/-/merge_requests/33

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