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LTS report for May 2022


in May 2022, on behalf of Freexian and thourhg my company velocitux
UG, I have worked on the following LTS tasks:

DLA-3001-1: libgoogle-gson-java security update

Backported patch to stretch as training upload

DLA-3017-1: openldap security update

Backproted patch for stretch; verified it will indeed fix the issue by
checking whether the older openldap version might have had other code
that was vulnerable; ran test suite; uploaded and sent DLA.

DLA-xxx-1: golang-go.crypto

Evaluated what has to be done, but unclaimed package due to lack of
time (too much to do during Debian Reunion Hamburg). If noone else
takes it, I will ocntinue the work in June.


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