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Testing nvidia-graphics-drivers


I have prepared a security update of nvidia-graphics-drivers which can be found
here. [1]

The new upstream release 390.144 apparently fixes all currently open CVE in
Stretch. [2] Due to the non-free nature of Nvidia's graphics drivers we have to
trust the vendor in this regard. So far I have successfully tested the
compilation of the dkms kernel module and I also followed the instructions in
README.source, installed all linux-headers-* and ran the /usr/share/doc/nvidia-
kernel-source/build-module-packages.sh script. 

Since I no longer own a Nvidia graphics card myself, I would appreciate it if
more people could try the new package and report back on the list if it works
as intended. 



[1] https://people.debian.org/~apo/lts/nvidia-graphics-drivers/

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