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LTS report for September 2021


Here are my Free Software activities for September.

September was spent working on a Freexian funded project and other administrative duties. The funded project seems quite important to Free Software as it essentially removes dependency on a build tool that can't be used in Debian. Other attempts have been made to remove the dependency and I hope this funded project is successful. There's a bit of work to do to get the project ready - a set of questions then preparation of a bid which will be used to find someone to work on the project.

- Worked on the funding page for the Enterprise gradle project
- Moved project from proposed to accepted, coordinating questions on the way.
- Prepared the bid page with help from Phil Morrel.
- Ran the monthly LTS meeting on IRC
- Email, IRC, and now Matrix/Element communication. Work like preparing minutes, agenda and reports.
- Did some source code diving in some of the LTS tools.



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