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Re: Bug#993129: redis-tools 3:3.2.6-3+deb9u6 has broken dependencies

Hi Chris,

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 9:33 PM Nskaggs <nskaggs@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Package: redis-tools
> Version: 3:3.2.6-3+deb9u5
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> Dear Maintainer,
>    * What led up to the situation?
> Attempting norma apt upgrade attempts to update redis-tools, but requires newer libc and libjemalloc2 which isn't present in strech
>    * What exactly did you do (or not do) that was effective (or
>      ineffective)?
>    * What was the outcome of this action?
> apt is in a broken state
>    * What outcome did you expect instead?
> package to upgrade without issue

Could you take a look at this bug report (#993129), please?

- u

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