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Re: privoxy stretch package 3.0.26-3+deb9u2 prepared


On 08/03/21 05:16 PM, Sylvain Beucler wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks for preparing a LTS fix for privoxy.
> For reference, our full procedure is documented at:
> https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development
> To answer your points:
> - The debdiff looks good to me
> - Salvatore updated the CVE-2021-20274 status accordingly
> - 'minor issue' means there is not immediate urgency, so the buster/stable
> fixes may be delayed to a point release.
> LTS does not have a point release system so an LTS upload sounds good.
> - Abhijith (in Cc:) announced his intention to work on the package yesterday
> [1], you probably can coordinate with him for the next steps, in particular
> who will take care of sending the e-mail and website announcements.
> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/security-tracker-team/security-tracker/-/blob/master/data/dla-needed.txt

Roland, thanks again for the patch. I can see that last LTS update 
(3.0.26-3+deb9u1) done by you. Hope you can upload this time as well. 
If not, let me know. I am happy to help. Once uploaded to archive I 
will take care of DLA and announcements.


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