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Re: Tracking related source packages

On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 3:35 PM Markus Koschany wrote:

> How can we keep the [embedded copies] list up-to-date?

Considering that the copies can be added, removed or made irrelevant
in each upload of each package, I think this would be a very hard

The simplest solution would be to change the triage procedure to
include searching for other copies of the affected code via apt-file,
codesearch.d.n and sources.d.o ctags, this would increase the triage
workload a lot though.

Another option would be to automate the process of searching for code
copies and provide a service for listing potential code copies. The
SourcererCC project seems like something that could potentially be
useful for this. This would have the downside of surfacing irrelevant
copies that aren't used during the build process, but perhaps that
would still be useful to encourage maintainers to ask upstreams to
drop the copies.




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