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Re: Bug#982548: wpasupplicant: Missing support for WPA-EAP-SUITE-B(-192)

Hi Thorsten,

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 2:03 PM Andrej Shadura <andrew@shadura.me> wrote:
> > It was observed that Debian's wpa_supplicant is not able to connect to
> > connect to networks with key_mgmt WPA-EAP-SUITE-B and/or
> > WPA-EAP-SUITE-B-192 (aka WPA3-Enterprise 192-bit mode). The upstream
> > wpa_supplicant supports this since 2.4. Following is seen when trying
> > to load a config with this kind of configuration:
> I’m afraid 2:2.4-1 is part of Debian Stretch, which is no longer supported.
> You can, however, install a newer version from stretch-backports, but I’d
> rather recommend you to upgrade to Buster; please be aware that Bullseye
> is likely going to be released later this year.
> Alternatively, the Debian LTS project might consider enabling this even
> though it’s not technically in their scope, as this is not a security issue
> (cc'ed the LTS mailing list), but I’m personally not interested in supporting
> such an old version.

Whilst working on the security update for stretch, do you think you
can accommodate this request for a bug fix as well?

- u

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