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LTS report for January 2021 - Abhijith PA

January was my 35th month as a Debian LTS paid contributor. I had a 
total of 28h. I've spent only 9h and carrying remaining hours to next 

 * spice-vdagent: Fixed CVE-2017-15108 CVE-2020-25650 CVE-2020-25651 
   CVE-2020-25652 CVE-2020-25653, tested and uploaded[1]. Also 
   preparing build for Buster. Thanks to Liang Guo for testing the 
 * f2fs-tools: Marked open issues CVE-2020-6108 CVE-2020-6107 
   CVE-2020-6106 CVE-2020-6105 CVE-2020-6104 CVE-2020-6070 as no-dsa.

 * python-pysaml2: Working on CVE-2021-21239 CVE-2021-21238 
   CVE-2017-1000433. Brian May backported the patches for the first 
   two CVEs.

Abhijith PA

[1] - https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts-announce/2021/01/msg00012.html

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