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Bug#972189: sympa: CVE-2020-10936 regression - removal of needed environment variables

Package: sympa
Version: 6.2.16~dfsg-3+deb9u3
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer(s),

since applying the security update from 6.2.16~dfsg-3+deb9u2 to
6.2.16~dfsg-3+deb9u3 I found some troubles with the session handling,
i.e. the web server reports

2020/10/13 11:59:18 [error] 2123#2123: *3525 FastCGI sent in stderr:
"Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/share/sympa/lib/Sympa/Se
ssion.pm line 406.
Use of uninitialized value $remote_addr in string ne at
/usr/share/sympa/lib/Sympa/Session.pm line 406" while reading upstream,
client: 192.16
8.100.2, server: lists.welcomes-you.com, request: "POST /sympa
HTTP/1.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/fcgiwrap.socket:", host:
"FQDN", referrer: "https://FQDN/sympa";

My configuration may be a bit "nasty" and may contribute here:

The external https access to sympa is TLS terminated by nginx acting as
a reverse proxy which then sends the requests via a virtual bridge to
the container where sympa is running.

After comparing the changes between u2 and u3 I fear this change here

char *myenvp[] = { "IFS= \t\n", "PATH=/bin:/usr/bin", NULL };
-    return execve(WWSYMPA,argv,envp);
+    return execve(WWSYMPA, argv, myenvp);

to the fcgi wrapper may cause the nginx set variable $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'}
not to be set and thus session handling will not work anymore.



-- System Information:
Debian Release: 9.13
  APT prefers oldstable
  APT policy: (500, 'oldstable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 4.9.0-12-amd64 (SMP w/8 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=C.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=C.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8), LANGUAGE=C.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)

Versions of packages sympa depends on:
ii  adduser                           3.115
ii  ca-certificates                   20200601~deb9u1
ii  dbconfig-common                   2.0.8
ii  debconf [debconf-2.0]             1.5.61
ii  fonts-font-awesome                4.7.0~dfsg-1
ii  init-system-helpers               1.48
ii  libarchive-zip-perl               1.59-1+deb9u1
ii  libc6                             2.24-11+deb9u4
ii  libcgi-fast-perl                  1:2.12-1
ii  libcgi-pm-perl                    4.35-1
ii  libclass-singleton-perl           1.5-1
ii  libcrypt-openssl-x509-perl        1.8.7-3
ii  libcrypt-smime-perl               0.19-2
ii  libdatetime-format-mail-perl      0.4030-1
ii  libdbd-csv-perl                   0.4900-1
ii  libdbd-mysql-perl                 4.041-2
ii  libdbd-pg-perl                    3.5.3-1+b2
ii  libdbd-sqlite3-perl               1.54-1
ii  libdbi-perl                       1.636-1+deb9u1
ii  libfcgi-perl                      0.78-2
ii  libfile-copy-recursive-perl       0.38-1
ii  libfile-nfslock-perl              1.27-1
ii  libhtml-format-perl               2.12-1
ii  libhtml-stripscripts-parser-perl  1.03-1
ii  libhtml-tree-perl                 5.03-2
ii  libintl-perl                      1.26-2
ii  libio-stringy-perl                2.111-2
ii  libjs-jquery                      3.1.1-2+deb9u1
ii  libjs-jquery-migrate-1            1.4.1-1
ii  libjs-jquery-placeholder          2.3.1-2
ii  libjs-jquery-ui                   1.12.1+dfsg-4
ii  libjs-modernizr                   2.6.2+ds1-1
ii  libjs-twitter-bootstrap           2.0.2+dfsg-10
ii  libmail-dkim-perl                 0.40-1
ii  libmailtools-perl                 2.18-1
ii  libmime-charset-perl              1.012-2
ii  libmime-encwords-perl             1.014.3-2
ii  libmime-lite-html-perl            1.24-2
ii  libmime-tools-perl                5.508-1
ii  libmsgcat-perl                    1.03-6+b3
ii  libnet-cidr-perl                  0.18-1
ii  libnet-dns-perl                   1.07-1
ii  libnet-ldap-perl                  1:0.6500+dfsg-1
ii  libnet-netmask-perl               1.9022-1
ii  libregexp-common-perl             2016060801-1
ii  libsoap-lite-perl                 1.20-1
ii  libtemplate-perl                  2.24-1.2+b3
ii  libterm-progressbar-perl          2.18-1
ii  libunicode-linebreak-perl         0.0.20160702-1+b1
ii  libxml-libxml-perl                2.0128+dfsg-1+deb9u1
ii  lsb-base                          9.20161125
ii  mhonarc                           2.6.19-2
ii  perl                              5.24.1-3+deb9u7
ii  postfix [mail-transport-agent]    3.1.15-0+deb9u1
ii  rsyslog [system-log-daemon]       8.24.0-1
ii  sqlite3                           3.16.2-5+deb9u2

Versions of packages sympa recommends:
pn  apache2-suexec                     <none>
pn  default-mysql-server | postgresql  <none>
pn  doc-base                           <none>
pn  libapache2-mod-fcgid               <none>
pn  libcrypt-ciphersaber-perl          <none>
ii  libio-socket-ssl-perl              2.044-1
ii  locales                            2.24-11+deb9u4
ii  logrotate                          3.11.0-0.1

Versions of packages sympa suggests:
pn  libauthcas-perl          <none>
pn  libdbd-odbc-perl         <none>
pn  libdbd-oracle-perl       <none>
ii  nginx-light [httpd-cgi]  1.10.3-1+deb9u5

-- debconf information excluded

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