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Re: golang-go.crypto / CVE-2019-11841


On 06/10/2020 23:42, Brian May wrote:
Utkarsh Gupta <utkarsh@debian.org> writes:

Ah, great. It'd nice to include this then! :)

Done. See attached patch. I had to apply it manually, because patch was
misapplying one of the hunks in the wrong place. There were several
hunks that apply to SKEd25519 public key stuff I skipped also because
this version does not have SKEd25519 public key stuff.

I note that some of the ssh tests are skipped because sshd is not
installed. So I added "openssh-server" to the build depends, and found
that one of the tests hangs. Even if I revert my changes.

The tests related to these change appear to pass, even without
openssh-server installed, so I think this is good to go.

Have you checked if any rdeps need to be rebuilt?


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