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(E)LTS report for September


During the month of September I have spent 19.75h on the following tasks:

- security-tracker MRs
- thunderbird regression update
- libx11 security update
- Lots of work to get ready for the Firefox & Thunderbird ESR 78 updates, with the ESR 68 branch going end-of-life on September 22nd with the release of Firefox ESR 78.3.0. This work benefited stretch as well as buster, and included updates to: llvm-toolchain-7, rustc, cargo, rust-cbindgen, nodejs and GCC.

For ELTS I spent 33h working on the following:

- investigated issue with security-tracker wheezy/jessie versions
- wrote a script to detect and fix sec-tracker "unknown" CVEs
- frontdesk & CVE triaging
- security-tracker improvements (apt-update-file xz support)
- clamav review and testing, found a stack smashing bug and fixed it. finished and released the update
- openjdk-7 security update
- prepared and started testing a linux 4.9 update. looked into automated testing for kernel updates


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