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(E)LTS report for July


During this month I spent 60h on LTS working on:

- coordinating stretch-lts handover with various teams
- sent jessie EOL DLA, updated LTS/Using wiki page for stretch, improvements to DLA template
- lts no-dsa script
- glib-networking update via opu, checked if balsa/stretch needed a compatibility fix
- file-roller update via opu
- evolution-data-server update
- atril update via opu
- batik update via opu
- librsvg update
- tracker service python3 improvements
- poppler update
- clamav update (pending stable point release)
- CVE triaging
- sent firefox-esr announcement for FF 68.11.0esr
- started to look at upcoming updates to firefox and thunderbird 78 ESR, which will need toolchain updates
- investigating librsvg regression
- json-c update

As for ELTS, I spent 13.25h working on:

- frontdesk and CVE triage
- jessie-elts preparations
- wheezy-elts EOL, website updates for jessie
- batik update
- perl update
- tzdata and libdatetime-timezone-perl updates
- glib-networking update
- librsvg update
- investigated and addressed processing errors in our security-tracker


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