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DLA template and user signatures


Now that we're starting stretch LTS, I thought it was a good time to review and
improve the DLA template. I made a couple of minor changes to it, but there's
two bigger ones that the DSA template has and we could add:

- The header. It looks like a bit too much for the DLA to me, so I'm
unconvinced, however feedback on IRC was in favor of it. I'm bring it up here as
well to get more feedback.

- The paragraph pointing to the security-tracker. This seems non-controversial
to me so if there are no objections I'll add it.

- Also while talking about this, it was brought up that some DLAs include
personal signatures at the end. They don't look very good on the announcements,
so it'd be good to get rid of those. An alias for mutt has been added to [1], so
feel free to check it out if you use mutt or one of its forks, or suggest
similar options for other MUAs.


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development#Announce_the_update

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