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Re: Steps for Debian Jessie LTS end-of-life


Am 01.07.20 um 11:27 schrieb Ansgar:
> Hi,
> since LTS for Jessie has ended according to [1], can we disable uploads
> and prepare for archiving the release?
> I want to:
> 1. Stop accepting anything.
> 2. Have one Release with no Valid-Until for archive.d.o (to try to
>    make some people happy...).
> 3. Have w-b/buildds no longer look at jessie.
> 4. Revoke Jessie signing key (no effect for existing installations
>    as they won't get the revocation anyway).  Same as other keys
>    listed on [2].
> 5. Import to archive.d.o
> 6. Remove from security.d.o
> I can do (1), (2), (4) fairly quickly; the buildd team would need to
> look at (3).  Not sure when (5) and (6) happen, but it's never wrong to
> free up some space.

Please wait another week with the deactivation of jessie-security. This
ensures that we can still upload the last packages which received
security updates. Ideally the switch to Stretch LTS goes hand in hand
with the deactivation of jessie-security so we have no downtime at all.
I agree with Emilio that (6) should be postponed for a month. Last time
users asked for more time to install security updates from security.d.o
and one month seems like an acceptable grace period to avoid any

> Will there be an announcement that LTS support has ended?

Yes, there will be a similar announcement like last time. I send the
draft to the publicity team tomorrow.



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