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Re: EOL'ing freerdp (v.1.1) for jessie and stretch

On Mon, Jun 01, 2020 at 10:55:02AM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Triaging and patch-backporting for FreeRDP (v1.1) will mean a considerable
> effort. IMHO, we should think about avoiding this.

what does 'considerable effort' translate to?
without knowing that, it's a bit hard to comment.

> With the end of jessie LTS and the upcoming of stretch LTS, I'd like to
> propose the following changes for FreeRDP in old versions of Debian:
>   * EOL freerdp 1.1 for jessie (E)LTS
>     -> impacts: jessie ELTS won't have any version of FreeRDP
>   * consider EOL'ing freerdp 1.1 for stretch LTS
>     -> impacts: ltsp-client (easy to resolve, it can use freerdp2)
>     -> impacts: medusa (resolve by dropping freerdp support)
>     -> impacts: vlc-plugin-access-extra (drop freerdp support)

fine by me (despite the comment above!), if you decide to do so, please also
document this in debian-security-support.git - I'll handle d-s-s uploads then.


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