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Re: spamassassin security update in Debian jessie LTS

On 31.01.20 14:31, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Hi Noah, dear LTS contributors,

Helo guys,

I am about to look into CVE-2020-1930 and CVE-2020-1931 reported against spamassassin.

The issues have been fixed in 3.4.4~rc1

FYI, 3.4.4 was released two days ago...

and as spamassassin has been upstream version bumped in Debian jessie LTS before, I am asking for your opinion, if you'd rather recommend cherry-picking the fixes (which I haven't been able to identify yet in upstream SVN) or simply upstream version bump spamassassin in jessie LTS once more.

@LTS team: sharing your feedback / opinions will be much appreciated, too.

... and I discussed this with some people on spamassassin mailing list.

quoting one mail[1]:

Key to the issue is I fail to see how the highly intrusive security work
done for 3.4.3 can possibly be backported.
My recommendation remains a strong: upgrade to 3.4.4.

and its reply[2]

The Debian patches for CVE-2018-11805 and CVE-2019-12420 onto 3.4.2 are
roughly 100kb in size.

I can't guess how big would be the fix now. the decision is of course up to you.



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