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Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 2069-1] cacti security update

[adding Dylan Aïssi to CC]

Chris Lamb wrote:
> > a followup patch was just published for CVE-2020-7106[0]. If you want to
> > release a regression update, I'd recommend to wait a few days.
> Thanks for spotting this and for your sage advice — I have added it to my
> calendar to recheck this shortly and will investigate and follow-up then.

I just went to look at this but noticed that it was re-added to dla-
needed.txt and then Dylan (added to CC) claimed it here:


To prevent duplicated work, Dylan, just checking that you are either
aware of this thread and its context? It was, of course, my mistake
for not commenting and/or claiming it in dla-needed.txt.


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