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(E)LTS report for November (semi-)automatic unclaim of packages with more than 2 weeks of inactivity Asterisk update breaks chan_sip loading Bug#946343: davical: CVE-2019-18345 CVE-2019-18346 CVE-2019-18347 Re: Bug#946691: emacs25-common: expired GNU ELPA gpg key Bug#947045: Info received (Bug#947045: undefined symbol in g_uint_checked_mul) Re: Bug#947045: undefined symbol in g_uint_checked_mul Re: Claim apache-log4j1.2 and nss in dla-needed.txt CVE-2019-1551/openssl triage December LTS Report ibus/CVE-2019-14822/glibc Re: imagemagick: regression in 8: Issue with gdk-pixbuf deb8u8 security update Re: Issue with latest asterisk's security update in jessie Issues regarding ruby-rack/CVE-2019-16782 Jessie update of cyrus-sasl2? Jessie update of nethack (minor security issues)? Jessie update of ruby-rack? Jessie update of transfig (minor security issues)? LTS report for November 2019 LTS/ELTS Report for November 2019 November LTS Report Re [SECURITY] [D:LA 2035-1] libpgf security update; Please discontinue these messages, thank you. Regression in X2Go Client caused by CVE-2019-14889/libssh fix RFS: htmldoc RFS: openslp-dfsg RFS: phpmyadmin RFT: Linux 3.16.79 package Re: RFT: OpenJDK 7 7u241-2.6.20-1~deb8u1 RFT: squid3 3.4.8-6+deb8u9 The last update was on 14:00 GMT Tue Dec 31. There are 86 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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