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(E)LTS report for October


During the month of October I spent 72 hours on finishing the Firefox ESR 68
update. That update took so much time due to the necessary toolchain updates,
which included rust & cargo, LLVM, and GCC, and to several issues which were
encountered with some of those components and with some old versions of packages
in jessie, and with the Firefox build itself. The work was done for both Debian
jessie and stretch, so that we can keep supporting Firefox when stretch becomes
LTS a few months from now.

In addition to that, I spent 3 hours updating tzdata and
libdatetime-timezone-perl for LTS and ELTS.

Since the hours spent on LTS were higher than my allotted time, my November
hours will be used for that, as well as a few from ELTS, and I will work on the
remaining tasks on my own time (finishing the Thunderbird update for jessie, as
well as fixing the armhf build).


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