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LTS/ELTS Report for September 2019

For October I spent 8 hours on the following LTS tasks:

- libreoffice: multiple issues, including CVE-2019-9848 CVE-2019-9849
  CVE-2019-9850 CVE-2019-9851 CVE-2019-9852 CVE-2019-9853 CVE-2019-9854
- openconnect: CVE-2019-16239
- ampache: CVE-2019-12385, CVE-2019-12386 triage and worked with
  upstream to obtain specific patches (the fixes were made in a very
  large single commit toward a new upstream release)

As a result of the few ELTS tasks available, I did not spend any hours
on ELTS tasks.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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