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Re: since update php ldap authentification failure

Hi Mike,
hi Hugo,

Am 11.09.19 um 14:04 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Hi Hugo,
> sorry for the late reply on this urgent matter.
> On  So 08 Sep 2019 10:46:26 CEST, Hugo Lefeuvre wrote:
>> Sorry for the very late answer. For some reason, it looks like the LTS
>> team
>> was not aware of this bug...
>> I am the one who provided these updates. This issue must have slipped
>> through my LDAP tests. I will investigate this as soon as possible and
>> provide a fix consequently.
>> Mike, you did the latest 389-ds-base update. Did you notice anything
>> wrong
>> during your tests?
> For uploading, I unfortunately did not do much smoke
> testing regarding the LDAP query stuff (the patch was about indefinite
> SSL connection hangs).
> Let me know, if you need help looking into this (due to e.g. time
> constraints or what not on your side).

as with version everything worked fine, we didn't investiagte

So I can only report that we didn't encounter any errors with all the
versions shipped in debian 9.


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