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PHP extensions FTBFS in jessie, c.f. #805222

Hello all,

In working on an update for php-pecl-http I discovered that (all? nearly
all?) PHP extensions fail to build in jessie because of a bug in php5.
Specifically, the bug is #805222.

It appears that jessie was originally released with PHP 5.6.7 and the
bug in question became known when PHP 5.6.16 was in unstable.  A fix was
made to php5 and the separate php-pear package in unstable, but fixes
were never made to jessie while it was stable or oldstable.

It seems that this update of php-pecl-http is the first PECL extension
security update in jessie, which is why this problem has not previously
appeared.  Though, the last comment on #805222 indicates that at least
one user attempted to rebuild a PECL extension in jessie/stable and
encountered the failure.  No action was taken on his follow-up to the

I have added php5 to dla-needed.txt and, unless there are objections, it
is my intention to begin working on an update that addresses this bug in
jessie.  I would then test it in an environment where I could attempt to
build php-pecl-http to 1) verify that php5 is actually fixed with regard
to #805222, and 2) that php-pecl-http can be made to build from source.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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