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xymon vulnerabilities in jessie, stretch and buster


I just had a look at xymon's vulnerabilities in jessie, stretch and buster.

Upstream claims some of these issues to be exploitable, among others the XSS
vulnerability. I plan to address at least this one in jessie.

I see that Moritz and Axel already discussed this on upstream's mailing list,
however the tracker has not been updated yet. Is anybody working on it? If not,
I can take some time to do it.

Buster and stretch are not far from 4.3.29, so, in case the security team wants
to address these issues, a version bump could maybe be considered? For jessie,
it could be worth inspecting the diff, but there were quite a few releases
between 4.3.17 and 4.3.29... I'm considering to cherry pick relevant changes for
the most important issues.

Christoph and Axel, do you have comments/suggestions regarding this?


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