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security fixes for CVE-2019-10088 and CVE-2019-1009{3,4}

Dear tika developers,

I'd like to backport the security fixes for CVE-2019-10088, CVE-2019-10093
and CVE-2019-10094 to older tika releases in Debian.

I had a look at the changelog, the corresponding commit seems to be

Can anybody confirm? Are there other fixes I should consider applying?


Hugo Lefeuvre (Debian LTS team)

                Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)    |    www.owl.eu.com
RSA4096_ 360B 03B3 BF27 4F4D 7A3F D5E8 14AA 1EB8 A247 3DFD
ed25519_ 37B2 6D38 0B25 B8A2 6B9F 3A65 A36F 5357 5F2D DC4C

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