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July LTS Report


Here is my LTS report for July 2019.

July was -- again -- a very busy month and I could not spend as much time
on LTS and security duties as I wanted to. I was allocated 18.5 hours and
could only spend 9.75 of them in the following tasks:

libsdl2-image, sdl-image1.2:

 + prepare, test and upload a security update for libsdl2-image (DLA-1861-1).
 + prepare, test and upload a security update for sdl-image1.2 (DLA-1865-1).
 + I have also submitted a stretch-pu upload for libsdl2-image (#933218).


 + triage new issues and start preparing next upload, should happen this


 + various triage in the tracker.
 + wavpack: take a look at current issues, answer Brian's e-mail.
 + hdf5: take stock of the situation, prepare plans for next update.

I should be able to use up the remaining hours in august.


                Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)    |    www.owl.eu.com
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