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Re: minor issues (wavpack)

Hi Brian,

my two cents

> - CVE-2019-1010315: divide by zero

This can only be used to trigger DoS, I don't think it is relevant in the
case of wavpack. I would triage it no-dsa.

> - CVE-2019-1010317: use of uninitialized memory.
> - CVE-2019-1010319: use of uninitialized memory.
> All three issues have been marked no-DSA by the security team. Does that
> mean we should do the same thing?

I didn't have a very detailed look at these two, but in general this kind
of issues are hard to exploit. Getting rce with these seems unlikely to me,
but I am not a skilled attacker. I guess this is why the security team
triaged them no-dsa.

Now, the patches seem fairly easy to review and there's little potential
for regressions. So, in the LTS case, I'd take a closer look at them and
probably mark them postponed. If we've got time, we can maybe ship these
patches in a future update.


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