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New list: lts-do-call-me


after a conversation at DebConf19, I have created a new file
org/lts-do-call-me. We have previously sent out many emails asking
whether a maintainer would like to take care of the security update. We
still do it but less frequently. It turned out that many did either not
react, or were glad we did it and asked us not to call them anymore. We
have changed this approach, more or less silently, and only call them if
we know they want to take charge of the update.

I believe it makes sense to create a list with those maintainers who
want to be in charge to avoid any friction.

lts-do-call-me contains all maintainers and/or source
packages that should be handled by the maintainer. Please contact all
maintainers in this list before starting to work on the package. There
are some other maintainers who regularly provide updates themselves,
please update the list as needed and share any information you have.



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