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Question about nss patches

Hi Raphael,

I've been working on updates to nss and found something peculiar in nss
in wheezy from your December 23, 2016 change:

  * Repackage the new upstream release as debian/patches/nss-3.26.2.patch on top
    of nss-3.26 to avoid having a version higher than in jessie.

In working on updates to nss in jessie and wheezy I am wondering if it
makes sense apply that same patch to the nss in jessie.  Based on the
date of the change, it seems like the reason the change was made in
wheezy but not in jessie is that jessie was handled by the security team
at that time.

That means that the way things currently are, the "real" nss versions

wheezy nss: 3.26.2
jessie nss: 3.26
stretch nss: 3.26.2

My inclination is to add the 3.26.2 patch to the nss in jessie.
However, I wanted to ask before making that change in the event that
there is a reason the change should not be made.

Do you have any insight you can add here?



Roberto C. Sánchez

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