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(E)LTS report for May


During the month of May, I spent 33h on LTS working on the following tasks:

- openjdk-7 security update
- qemu security update
- security-tracker reviews
- sqlite3 triage
- sox: backported patches, run into stability bug in jessie not happening in
sid, bisected it but fix was too invasive so released other fixes
- jruby: investigated build issue reported by Abhijith
- samba security update
- firefox-esr security update
- started to look at how to handle firefox-esr 68 for jessie
- thunderbird security update
- CVE triaging
- php5: started with the new issues, but waited for official upstream release
- backporting fixes for poppler issues

For ELTS I spent 12h on the following:

- openjdk-7 security update
- intel-microcode: backported security update
- php5: backported fixes but waited for upstream release
- CVE triaging / frontdesk


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