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LTS/ELTS Report for May 2019

For May I spent 22.25 hours on the following LTS tasks:

- ghostscript: CVE-2019-3839, additional cups-filter update
- python-urllib3: CVE-2019-11236, CVE-2019-11324
- python3.4, python2.7: CVE-2019-9947, CVE-2019-9740
- libspring-security-2.0-java: CVE-2019-3795
- libav: CVE-2017-17128, CVE-2018-5984, CVE-2018-5766
- bind9: CVE-2019-5743, testing of patch prepared by Thorsten Alteholtz
- libspring-java: FTBFS w/ latest tomcat8, CVE-2014-3578, CVE-2014-3625,
  CVE-2015-3192, CVE-2015-5211

I also spent 4.25 hours on the following ELTS tasks:

- python2.7, python2.6: CVE-2019-9740, CVE-2019-9947
- python-urllib3: CVE-2019-11236, CVE-2019-11324



Roberto C. Sánchez

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