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DLA-1792-1/ghostscript and cups-filters

Hi Roberto

With the update of ghostscript in DLA 1792-1 for ghostscript pdfdict
is hidden for the fix for CVE-2019-3839.

cups-filters used though this undocumented internal, so with the
ghostscript update cups-filter will experience a functional

In unstable cups-filter was fixed shortly after the 9.27 update, for
stable we issued a corresponding update for cups-filters following the
ghostscript update as
https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2019/msg00087.html .

Thus I think you will need to issue same update for cups-filters as
well for jessie to not use pdfdict but rather runpdfbegin. This way
cups-filters will work both with a fixed and unfixed ghostscript.

Please though double-check.


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