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Re: Where is wheezy-lts archive?

Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Where would the entire wheezy-lts be archived?  Hopefully it wasn't lost.
> There was no wheezy-lts suite.  All uploads during the LTS period went
> into wheezy-security which is currently still available from
> security.debian.org (but I would expect it to be archived soon).

Aha!  It's in security!  I hadn't realized that was still online there
for Wheezy.  I had thought, without looking, that it wouldn't be there
anymore.  That's the part I was missing.  Everything falls into place

Hopefully the Wheezy suite of updates on security.debian.org will be
folded into archive.debian.org at some point?


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