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LTS update of clamav and call for advice

Dear maintainers, LTS team and Debian Secutiry team

I have started to look at the clamav package update due to
(the other three vulnerabilities are not affecting jessie or stretch as I understand it)

I have understood that the clamav package is typically updated to the latest version also in stable and oldstable. However when doing so I encountered quite a few things that I would like to ask your advice on.

First of all to the maintainers. Do you want to handle also LTS (oldstable) and regular security (stable) upload of clamav?

Question to maintainers and Security team. Should we synchronize the efforts here and have you already started on the stable update?

If not I have a few questions:
1) Do you know the binary compatibility between libclamav7 and libclamav9?
 I have noticed that the package in sid produces libclamav9 while the one in jessie provides libclamav7. Do you think this can be an issue?
2) Do you think backporting the package in sid is better than simply updating to the latest upstream while keeping most scripts in oldstable? I had to copy over the split-archive.sh to be able to generate a proper orig tarball.
- I personally think the package in sid have a little too much updates to make that safe, especially since it produces new library packages.
- On the other hand, I had to do some modifications already to make allow the package to be generated and I have not even started building yet. There may be many fixes needed to make this package work in oldstable...

I guess we cannot generate new library package version, or?

Best regards

// Ola

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