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Re: [SECURITY] CVE-2019-7443 (kauth) in kdelibs


> kdelibs last release was 4.14.35 in August 2017.
> kdelibs is no longer maintained.
> Qt 4 last release was 4.8.7 in May 2015.
> Qt 4 is no longer maintained.
> Our suggestion is to stop using any qt4/kdelibs based software and move to
> the future if you're concerned about security and/or want to use maintained
> software.

It is not that we do not try it, to remove Qt4 from Debian. We try since Aug 
2017 to reach this goal to remove all qt4/kdelibs software, but still there is 
a lot depending on qt4/kdelibs:


(If you have any notes about status of packages aka dead by upstream - input 
is very welcomed).

In next Debian Buster released in some months we still need to ship qt4/



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