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Re: DLAs in the website: some updates and issues


On 18/03/2019 09:55, Brian May wrote:
> Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> writes:
>> Other option is, instead of looking at the html code, doing
>> make dla-123-1.en.html
>> and open the resulting html file with a web browser.
> This command did not work for me, I had to use "make -C 2019
> dla-1716.en.html" instead.
> Which leads me to a 2nd point, after reading the wiki page
> <https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development#Publishing_updates_on_the_website>
> I was expecting a filename like:
> 2019/dla-1716-1.*
> but parse-dla.pl gave me instead:
> 2019/dla-1716.*
> I notice this seems to match the existing convention, so maybe this is
> an error in the wiki?
I confirm.

These instructions are pretty new. I made fixes a few weeks ago but I
overlooked this "-1".

Fixed the wiki page when testing for my work today :)


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