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Re: Bug#924060: systemd: Memory leak introduced with CVE-2018-16864 fix

Control: notfound -1 232-25+deb9u9
Control: notfound -1 241-1

Hi Will

Am 09.03.19 um 00:14 schrieb Will Roberts:
> Package: systemd
> Version: 215-17+deb8u10
> Severity: important
> Tags: patch
> Dear Maintainer,
> The fix for CVE-2018-16864 contains a memory leak that was fixed for
> newer distributions of Debian, but not old-stable. I believe this commit contains
> the changes that need to be applied:
> https://salsa.debian.org/systemd-team/systemd/commit/d9c31850e7bfbb537c7fdc81ad9a9fc96a1fd33e

old-stable uploads are generally handled by the LTS team (who also made
this particular upload).
Bringing them into the loop here.

stable and testing/unstable are not affected afaics, so marking accordingly


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